Currently, only 26% of companies have implemented 2FA despite its very good results. This number will undoubtedly increase when users start looking for alternatives and opt for the platforms that do offer this service.

One of the companies that already offer this system to its users is bitfoliex, and activating it in your account is very simple.

Your account has a password that works as the first layer of security. To activate 2FA, you will need to download an application. There are several that fulfill this purpose, although the most recommended one is Google Authenticator.

In your profile of the bitfoliex platform, you will find the option to "Activate 2FA". Selecting this will generate a QR code. The next step you should do is to scan this code with the application you have selected.

Below the QR code, you will also find an alphanumeric key, which you should save because it is very important. This key is important because, if you lose access to your app, with this code you can reactivate it without any problem.

Once the QR code is scanned, the application will create a new code. Every time you log in to your bitfoliex account, the app will generate a new token that you must enter and will work as your second authentication factor. Only the person with the registered phone in the account will have access to this token, so only you can access your account.

Why is it important to activate it?

Users are more exposed to phishing attempts when they don't have 2FA. For example, if hackers send a fake email to a user and he clicks on it, hackers could get the person's password. Therefore, not having that second layer of protection that 2FA offers is a problem. Why? Because hackers could access the account and start making transactions without any restrictions. These situations are very common in the digital world but can be avoided by installing 2FA.

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