How to register?

Enter bitfoliex.com.
Click on the sign up button
Enter your active email
Set your password and confirm it
Read and accept the terms and conditions
Click on I am not a robot and follow the instructions
Click on Register
Verify your account through the message sent to your email

Enable 2FA

(To enable this option, remember to download the “Google Authenticator” application beforehand to the next steps)
Click on your visible email in the upper right corner
Click on profile
Click on enable 2FA
Scan the QR code or enter the alphanumeric code that appears below the QR code (We recommend keeping this alphanumeric code somewhere safe)
Enter the code generated in your application (Google Authenticator). Remember that you will have to perform this last step every time you enter your platform.
Click on enable

Disable 2FA

Login to your Bitfoliex account
Click on your visible email in the upper right corner
Click on profile
Click on disable 2FA
Enter your email
For security reasons, 2FA will be disabled in the next 15 days, during this time you will receive security notifications.

Send cryptocurrencies

From your platform, click on send in the menu on the left side
Select the cryptocurrency you want to send
Scan or enter the virtual wallet address where you want to send
Enter the amount to be sent in cryptocurrency or in FIAT
Click on continue
Verify the transaction
Click on send
Confirm the transaction through the email you will receive automatically (remember that you have 30 minutes to confirm the transaction before the email expires).

Receive cryptocurrencies

From your platform, click on receive in the menu on the left side
Copy the address or scan the QR code to receive the transaction (on the platform from which you wish to receive, be it Bitfoliex or an external platform)
If you want to verify the income of the funds, go to your portfolio and click on transaction history to confirm.

How to change your password?

Click on your visible email in the upper right corner
Click on profile
Enter your current password
Enter your new password
Confirm your new password
Click on update password

How to recover password?

On the login page, select I forgot my password
Enter the registered email to your account
Click send
Reset your password from the link sent to your email


 What cryptocurrencies operate in Bitfoliex?

Bitcoin Cash

Is there a membership fee for the BitFoliex platform?

No, registration to the platform is free.

 Is there a transaction fee on the BitFoliex platform?

Yes, it depends on the cryptocurrency used.

How to unlock an account for failed attempts?

Contact support at [email protected]

 How can I see my balance?

Login to your account and in your portfolio you can verify your balance

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